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The chin has a central place in the face and is therefore very important for our facial contour. The shape and volume of the chin play an important role in our appearance and appeal. A filler treatment can give the chin extra volume or a better shape. The treatment can improve the female facial contour or make the male chin stronger. As we get older, the shape of the chin can change - pits or lines can arise that are unsightly. These changes can occur due to increased muscle tension in the muscle of the chin - as this muscle pulls on the skin, pits and lines arise. In this case, treatment with Botox can be a solution. With a few simple injections with Botulinum Toxin, these muscles can be relaxed and the skin will tighten again. You can expect an effect of approximately 3-4 months from this treatment. A temporary filler can also be used to give more contour to the chin.

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