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Botox treatment Frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, eyebrow lift, gummysmile, bunnylines, etc. Price from as little as € 75
Filler treatment Lips, nose-fold, puppet lines, smoker's lines, cheekbones, jaw line, liquid facelift, etc. Price from € 159-
Intake Free intake interview with a value of € 99. If you need advice from the doctor before you start treatment.
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Wrinkles; Unfortunately, as we grow older, we cannot escape it. This is the result of the natural aging process. For one this occurs at an earlier stage than for another. However, the process is accelerated by a few factors. Hormones play a major role. For example, after menopause, there is a large increase in the number of wrinkles. UV radiation is then a well-known culprit. Frequent sunbathers have aging skin faster. Finally, smoking and stress are major culprits of beautiful and smooth skin.

Dream Clinics specializes in making all or part of these wrinkles disappear, with the result that you will look younger and fresher. The opinion of our customers is five years younger on average!

Dream Clinics treats both women and men. Below you will find the most common and popular treatments. Click on the photo below on the relevant link for information about that subject. Do you have any questions? Then contact us or book an appointment with our doctor. During the intake the doctor will discuss all wishes with you and offer a customized treatment plan.


  • Prices of botox treatments

  • Dreamclinics
    Type of treatment price
  • Eyebrow lift

    v.a. € 35, -
    (in combination with 1 zone)


    v.a. € 35, -
    (in combination with 1 zone)


    v.a. € 35, -
    (in combination with 1 zone)

    Pits in the chin

    € 75,-


    € 99,-

    Forehead wrinkles

    € 99,-

    Crow's feet

    € 99,-

    Migraine and headache

    € 198,-

    Grinding the teeth

    v.a. € 198.-

    Thickened Jaw Muscle

    v.a. € 198,-


    v.a. € 198.-

    Overmatig zweten oksels

    € 350

  • Prices filler treatments

  • Dreamclinics
    Type of treatment price
  • Filler oplossen

    € 100,-

    Lips 0.5 ml

    € 150,-

    Lips 1.0 ml

    € 250,-

    Lips 1.5 ml

    € 350,-

    Nose lip fold

    v.a. € 250,-

    Kin contour

    v.a. € 250,-

    Jaw line

    v.a. € 250,-

    Smile lines

    v.a. € 250,-


    v.a. € 250,-

    Puppet lines

    v.a. € 250,-

    Remove smoking lines

    v.a. € 300,-

    Remove the tear duct / bags

    v.a. € 300,-

    Profhilo behandeling

    v.a. € 300,-


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You discuss your treatment requirements with the doctor. You fill in the form. A detailed explanation and the expected results will be discussed with you.

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The treatment takes place. The doctor performs the procedure.

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Botox, temporary fillers and frequently asked questions

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You can also schedule a free intake interview for honest advice.

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Doctor George Tokmaji is an experienced Injectable doctor. He studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam. After obtaining his doctor's degree, he gained clinical knowledge and experience in various hospitals in the Netherlands.

Because of his passion for cosmetic treatments and skin improvement procedures, he has specialized further in this direction. He is now an experienced Injectable doctor.

He will discuss your wishes in detail during a consultation. Listening carefully to the needs of the patient is central to him. By careful analysis of the face, he is then able to draw up a personal treatment plan. His goal is to work with honest advice for a natural result and a fresh appearance.

Quality and safety are very important to him, which is why he only works with products that are known to be very safe and are completely biodegradable. He carries out every treatment with great care and precision. He hopes to welcome you in person at Dream Clinics.

Doctor George Tokmaji is BIG registered under number: 79919598901 and member of the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine.

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